Duergar Camp

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Duergar Camp is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Duergar Camp.


Duergar Camp Map



Notes & Tips

  • This location is under construction and contains lots of bugs (most Duergars have no weapons.) However, you may  (or may not, this EA is very buggy and works differently for everyone) reach this place through the following steps:
    • Let one of your teammates die from falling, s/he will appear in camp.
    • Send another of your teammate back to camp (fast travel), talk to the hooded skeleton, and prepare to resurrect the dead teammate. (Stop right before he revives the fallen.)
    • During the conversation with the hooded skeleton, switch to your other teammates, let them use the boat. Finish the resurrect talk, now three of your teammates should be teleported to Ebonlake to fight the duergars. While the revived one still at camp.
    • Lose the battle, let all three companions die. 
    • The one at camp revives all team, teleport back to Underdark beach, there you will find the duergars, defeat them.
    • Use the boat again, and you should be transport to Duergar Camp.
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    You can use Jump to reach hanging constructs and across the melting lava.
  • duergar_camp3-bg3-wiki-guide-min
    If you have Shadowheart in your team, she will find out there are many dead Shar's justiciars, meaning there's something or someone very powerful killed them.
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    Jump behind the rabbles, True Soul Nere will try to use psionic power to force you to fight the deep gnomes, succeed in Wisdom check (15) to resist him. (There is a very rare boot, Disintegrating Night Walkers, on him. )





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    • Anonymous

      10 Mar 2021 23:19  

      Just tiried it on March 10th, Druid Playthrough and when returning from Camp to Underdark Beach, the boat didnt appeared again. Boat didnt return or just bugged out since trying to do this Glitch bypassing Videosequence.

      • Anonymous

        15 Jan 2021 01:16  

        my 2nd time trying to get here, first time i followed instruction and got there, now i trying the same thing, but the boat is not comming back ?? think the might have change this /sad, i kill em all on the boat ex 2 of em.. what to do ?
        Bzter out!

        • Anonymous

          08 Dec 2020 21:33  

          When you arrive there's an agro'ed Duergar standing underwater. You can't hit him with spells, ranged or most melee weapons. This forces turn based mode forever but I found if you have a weapon with 2.5 meter reach (a few 2Hers) you can hit and kill him.

          • 28 Oct 2020 02:42  

            I finally got to here..in the battle on the boat you have to lose... one should try to kill everyone but one makes it easier...as there will be less agro on the beach

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