Rare Boots
boots of speed baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 150px

 click heels baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 64pxClick Heels:
Click the heels of your boots as abonus action icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxBonus Action to double yourmovement speed action icon baldurs gate3 guide 24pxMovement Speed for the current turn and give enemies Disadvantage on Opportunity Attacks.

 weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guide0.55kg / value icon baldurs gate3 wiki guide190gp

Boots of Speed are Boots in Baldur's Gate 3. Boots can be equipped to character's feet in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects ranging from increased Saving Throws, to gaining Advantage on certain attacks. Even a modest pair of Boots in BG3 can help a character tremendously, so be on the look out for them, and equip them when you can.

 Featherlaced and flexible of sole, these boots have been used to round up - and outrun - many a foe.

Boots of Speed Information

  • click heels baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 64pxClick Heels: Click the heels of your boots as a bonus action icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxBonus Action to gain Click Heels for 1 turn.
  • weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 0.55 Kg
  • value icon baldurs gate3 wiki guideValue: 190 Gp


Boots of Speed Location & How to Get

  • Item ID: 8b22d15a-85bb-4c8d-90cf-a773fc451eac
  • Location: Underdark, by giving an antidote to Thulla in Myconid Colony.
  • Quest: Rescue the survivors
  • Crafting:
  • Merchant: Can be purchased from Thulla in Myconid Colony if not recieved as a reward for curing her.
  • Drop by:


Boots of Speed Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      Effectively gives 'cunning action: dash' to any class. Absolutely amazing for classes that don't get much use out of their bonus actions or any melee class that needs help closing gaps. You will almost certainly use these boots for the entire game

      • Anonymous

        These do work with fleet finger gloves. Have to be in combat. Not turn based mode but combat. I use "click heels" and get my free jump (a separate jump skill from the default) for free. Works for me.

        • Anonymous

          Click Heels does not give enemies disadvantage on opportunity attacks against the user (according to combat log). Tested on two enemies so far, specifically Malus and Necromite in Act 2.

          • Anonymous

            These went on my 12 Fighter (BM) Lae'zel and never came off for the entire game. She just ran over everything, it was glorious. Tactician mode btw.

            • Anonymous

              One of the most op early game combination is this with Fleetfingers glove. "Click Heels" counts as a dash, which procs the free jump from fleetfingers. If you give both to a melee character with high str for longer jump, can travel the arenas of almost all encounters within a single turn

              • Anonymous

                If you immediately pickpocket the boots after you handed them over to Sergeant Thrinn while still in the conversation with her, you can get both the boots and the reward for returning them.

                If you wait until the conversation is over, the boots won't be in her inventory and thus can't be stolen at that point anymore.

                tested with Hotfix #4 (August 16th, 2023)

                • Anonymous

                  Level 8, still using it on my barbarian. Allows to cross entire arena in 1 turn and land 2 hits even when positioned poorly, can't think of any better boots than these

                  • Anonymous

                    Currently in EA version I was invinsible and near "SPAW" the Myconid Sovereign where "Thulla is and was able to easily pickpocket these off her.

                    "Click Heels"
                    *Bonus Action* - Double your movement speed for the current turn
                    @Recharge@ - Once per turn

                    So these are pretty great to use to still do an attack while you are far away by using a bonus action to double your movement speed, instead of spending an action point to do so. Very nice indeed.

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