Arrow of Acid

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 +1d4 acid damage & creates an acid surface
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Corrodes and disfigures whatever it touches.

Arrow of Acid is an Arrow and Item in Baldur's Gate 3. Some items can be consumed granting various effects like buffing the Character or restoring HP, while other can be used to interact with the environment or provide Lore about Baldur's Gate 3 world.


Corrodes and disfigures whatever it touches.


Arrow of Acid Information

  • Rarity: Common
  • Value: 70 gp
  • Weight: ?? Kg.
  • ID: 0bfb72d2-0e8e-4d16-aeae-3159b0d4b195


Arrow of Acid Location & Where to Find

  • Location:
  • Quest:
  • Crafting:



Arrow of Acid Dropped by:


Arrow of Acid Notes & Tips

  • Enemies who drop this item must be defeated before they use the item in combat.
  • Not all items will be sold at the same time. Leveling up or completing a Long Rest will reset the shop and potentially show different Items.
  • Other Notes and tips go here.




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    • Anonymous

      This SHOULD be good or at least usable. But acid surfaces are just unreliable against enemies. As mentioned by another, it's even worse if you land a hit cuz the blood takes over the acid and spares them from the debuff. Annoyingly, even if they are standing on the acid surface the debuff will not apply to them unless they shimmy and move around in it, which isn't even consistent on them, but is consistent against you. These go straight to the wares.

      • Anonymous

        The added acid damage is good (the page is incorrect it's 2d4 damage not 1d4 as of writing).
        However, the acid surface created are actually majorly hindered by the fact that blood washes off the acid. So if your arrow hit, the blood from the enemy seems to wash away the acid at their feet, so unless they move into the rest of the acid, the acid surface doesn't reduce their AC.

        • Anonymous

          Quite good on ranged characters.
          Against high AC enemies, even if you miss, you reduce their AC by 2, making it easier for your melee strikers to kill that enemy

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