Armour of Agathys

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Lvl 1 Abjuration

A spectral frost covers you. Gain 5 temporary hit ponts and deal 5 Cold Damge to any creature that hits you with a melee attacks.
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Armour of Agathys is a Spell in Baldur's Gate 3. Armour of Agathys is a Lvl 1 Spell from the Abjuration school. Spells can be used for dealing damage to Enemies, inflict Status Ailments, buff Characters or interact with the environment.



Armour of Agathys Information

  • Description: A spectral frost covers you. Gain 5 temporary hit ponts and deal 5 Cold Damge to any creature that hits you with a melee attacks.
  • Level: Lvl 1 spell
  • School: Abjuration School
  • Casting Time: action icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 25pxAction
  • Range: -
  • Requires Concentration: No
  • Saving Throw: None


 How to Acquire Armour of Agathys

Armour of Agathys can be acquired by the following classes:

Armour of Agathys can be cast by using the following Items:

  • ???


Armour of Agathys Tips & Notes


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    • Anonymous

      In 5e proper, an enemy that deals 10 slashing damage to a level 3 Warlock with this spell active, should just remove 5 temporary hit points (Blade Ward resistance) while suffering the full 10 cold damage. Is this how Armor of Agathys works with Blade Ward in BG3?

      • Anonymous

        This is one of those spells which upcasts quite well.
        You should always use the highest spell slot you can for this.

        With a second level spell slot, not only do you deal double the retaliation damage (10 instead of 5), but you also get double the hitpoints, meaning often you can tank two hits with it, not just one. That quadrupels the effectiveness of the spell

        • Anonymous

          This is a MUSTHAVE for abjuration wizards (learn with scroll).
          This gives 10 tHP. Arcane Ward adds another 12 to that.
          So you have 22 additional hit point, and anytime an enemy hits you, they take 10! guaranteed damage, no saving throw

          • Anonymous

            It seems that from all Draconic Bloodlines, this is the only 'unique' spell which the Sorcerer otherwise cannot cast.

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